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Awwww, don't let the madness get to you!!! You are the expert of your children and your family and its diet, not a random guidance counselor who throws everyone into a one size fits all mentality. And really, what he or she is deeming the healthiest is really all about his/her diet/perspective. My family (bc of blood sugar issues) eats a diet very low of carbohydrates/heavier on protein and veggies, light fruit. If I personally ate the way the government/FDA recommends (the school lunch way), I would be on massive doses of insulin. I cannot process certain types of carbs effectively, including bread, potatoes and rice. They are like poison to my body. When my kids eat them, they eat and eat and eat and are still starving, so I know its having the same effect-bc that was me all my life! I have had heard quite a few times in last year advice that our diet is lacking out on all those healthy carbs and too heavy in protein. Well on our diet now, my children are not hungry in between meals, growing and thriving, and bc of hereditary, its probably the kind of diet that will benefit them for life (if they choose to continue it once out of house). Regardless, my job is to give them the best start....and our diet is based on our genetics and that we don't process the carbs the ways others can and the LONG, extensive list of diabetics on both sides of our family (including myself). Your family is completely different than ours and has different dietary concerns than ours and your diet/lunches are based on that! You know what Eden will eat (and what is safe for her to eat), what will fill her, and that she is staying healthy and well nourished. So don't let someone else tell you what is best for your children/family! I am sorry that they are taking pictures of kids' lunches to shame parents into buying what they deem the only way and the best....terrible terrible!!! Really, unless a kid is coming with a paper bag filled with twinkies and a can of coke, schools should not be butting into this. Most people are doing the very best they can, especially those taking the effort to pack a daily lunch for school.


She do both! My daughter will Always Want to buy lunch if its pizza or chicken nuggets but she loves a good PB&Fluff "sushi" roll from home!

Jennie Mortenson

Emily bought lunch alot...I swear she was going to turn into a chicken nugget. One kid it was just more convenient to buy..however I see lunch making in my future! Especially if one of them is Celiac's.
I may make a deal..one school lunch a week.( if allergies aren't an issue)

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