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Kellie Glaze

We are taking daily walks everyday once we are done remote learning. After sitting for what feels like 8hours we all need the fresh air and to move our bodies. The kids are taking elderberry everyday to help keep their immune systems up. But would love to try these.


We eat lots of fruits and vegetables and spend a lot of time outdoors, playing and enjoying the nice weather after school. I'm actually looking for a good probiotic for my 5yrs old and a young toddler and would love to try these.


We are trying to get outside more whenever we can while the weather is nice. We also are taking more walks when we can and trying to eat healthier. My daughter is in school full time and she is good about wearing her mask and washing her hands frequently. She also is drinking more water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Kat K

We are spending lots of quality time outside in our backyard. We installed a small fire pit and it’s our new nightly spot for after dinner conversation and family time. It’s certainly cozy!

Tara Pittman

I am making sure we get exercise every day as well as eat healthy food. Also doing an immune support supplement

wen budro

I use a good diet, nutritional supplements like Vitamin C and zinc, daily walks, and comedy movies to stay balanced these days. A good laugh and fresh air helps us to de-stress and remain healthy.

Nidhi C

I make sure my kids eat warm and healthy food daily. I also give them daily multivitamins and take them outside for at least an hour to play and get fresh air. We also love playing board games, its our favorite activity to do with family. I would love to try these bundle for my kids. Thanks!

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